Wednesday, October 7, 2015

God said go climb that mountain!

What an amazing day with an amazing team.  At devotion as we started the day, we discussed psalms 127:1.  Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it!  

We worked together to tackle the mountain that God put before us.  Every single step taken could cause a fall or be the wrong move.  The path was narrow and had obstacles, but that's the way life is sometimes.  But God was in charge. 

But along the journey that Mountain God sent us up was such beautiful handy work he had done. Many beautiful plants to show us his mighty work. 

This house that God sent us to build is the entire world of these children.  

We got to give them a ball and spend time playing with them. We blessed the house and prayed for the family. 

We were able to furnish the house and give them some small gifts, and food. 

Then we were able to take food, and pray for members of a community in need.  We took a bag of masa, bag of beans, bag of rice, and a small bag of sugar.  For many people here this is more food than they are used to getting at one time. They feel so blessed to see us. We feed not only the body, but we also try to feed the soul. 

When we were praying with the families some of them also wanted to pray for us. One man gave us a scripture, Psalms 91. It talks about God taking care of us. We travel 4,500 miles to minister to others and God gives us a message to let us know that he cares for us. 

So if you feel God has a mountain for you to climb he will equip you. Another way God can equip you is with other Christians. He will send words and encouragement for others.  And he will use you to bless others if you will follow God's urging. 

Today we made an impromptu visit to a rural school in an impoverished community! The smiles on the children's faces when we passed out treat bags were priceless!

But the way all of us can help is by praying for Starfish and the work they do at home, as well as in other countries.

But none of this can happen if People don't give to help this mission. Without the funds given to help others none of this could be done.  

My God is An Awesome God, and Loving Father. 

Joe D Millay 
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Changing Lives, Restoring Family!

October 6th in El Salvador

What a great day to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We took a short bus ride to a place to build a house for a family with 10 children and their 73 year old grandfather! The main reason we are blessing this family is because of their extreme poverty and the government has placed 4 of their children in a government controlled orphanage because of this poverty. This families desire is to have all their children at home together and we are trying to make that happen.

The house to be built is actually on top of a mountain and the only way up is to climb a continuous zigzag path about 300 feet up! All supplies and tools had to be carried to the top of the mountain! We were introduced to the family and then we prayed as we started the project. 

It was pure joy to work with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that has the same mind set as Christ and that is to help others in their time of need. We were a true Matthew 25:35-40 ministry today. 

The missionary's team is well organized and are willing to stop and help you in a moments notice! The girls of the house picked oranges that grow on top of the mountain for us. We also played with their little boy Mauricio who laughed and giggled all day. He just reminded me of all my grandchildren and how and how much I miss them and I recognize just how blessed they are.

This poverty stricken family has one thing no one can take from them and that is love and they have plenty of it. And I think I speak for the whole team when I say we all honesty fell in love with them also! Love knows no language barriers. We were called to go and change our world today. We may not make a great impact on a lot of people but we made a difference for this family! We thank you all for your support and your continued prayers. 

In Christ George L. Fields

And We Danced and Dance and Danced!

We began our morning with a quick meeting after breakfast. Amy shared something the Lord put on her heart. She explained how can see firsthand how "things" can make us feel empty. Many people in El Salvador have very little, but they do have to joy that comes with serving the Lord. 

We drove to Cipi, an orphanage for young boys and teen mothers and their babies. We played soccer with the boys (and lost!) and we painted nails (and didn't do that perfectly!) and we lightened the arms of some young mothers for a few hours. 

After Cipi, we went to States Diner for lunch. It was great food that reminded us of home, smiling servers, and a very positive place to have a meal.

Our final outing was to Guirola. It's an orphanage for special needs children. We visited everyone in their rooms, and helped feed those with physical differences that make eating difficult. In each "class" and "bedroom" the children were SO excited to see us, and all they could talk about was the party we would have. For the party everyone met in the cafeteria, and we played and danced... and danced, and danced, and danced. The workers (Tia's) at Guirola were infinitely patient with the kids, and there were smiles all around.

After a great dinner of chicken and veggies, we worked on more preparations for Day of the Child.
Please continue to pray for our team!

Monday, October 5, 2015

How Did We Get Here?

Today was a blessed day! 

First we went to church
George spoke , and shared with the wonderful congregation!
Then some of us helped lead the games for their Day of the Child Celebration!

Briana shared a Bible story.

Then we drove for an hour and a half to spend time with these orphaned boys!
Some of the boys painted airplanes and some painted their knees!

We played whiffle ball!

We loved spending time with these boys! 

After lunch we headed out to our destination, of a boys orphanage. 

We had miniature airplanes for them to paint. We told them that because God loves them so much that he guided all of us from so far away, together on an airplane and come here to share His love for them!

Lastly tonight we went out and fed the homeless! It was another humbling experience!  We now see exactly how blessed we are! 

Thanks for following our trip!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Most Amazing Day!

We can't say what group we were with, where we were or why, but it was the most amazing day, and we connected with this group of kids in the most amazing way!  It was a day that none of us will soon forget!

We were told to turn to the camera and have them face away, but none of us felt comfortable that way, so we turned in solidarity with them!

I don't have any other words to say, because it was and is impossible to describe!

It has been a wonderfully blessed trip!